Hetta Coffey Collection Boxed Set Books 6-10


Just Different Devils - Hetta Coffey

Books 6 through 10 of the award-winning Hetta Coffey Series:
Just Needs Killin’
Just Different Devils
Just Pardon My French
Just Follow the Money
Just For The Birds

Five award-winning Hetta Coffey novels in one set!

Hetta Coffey is a sassy Texan with a snazzy yacht, and she’s not afraid to use it!

She’s forty-ish, single and has adventure in her DNA. As an engineer who has globe-trotted for most of her career, she and her forty-five foot yacht are based in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez, where she finds enough work to keep her in diesel fuel and refried beans. But it’s not all margaritas and mariachis, because her penchant to take on what some might call less-than-respectable projects keeps her up to her neck in hot Mexican water.

Humor, satire, fast-paced action and the quirky characters she encounters while cruising make for a fun series enjoyed by readers of all ages.

Never one to be accused of being faint of heart, Hetta tackles life-changing escapades that lend a whole new meaning to the phrase “sink or swim.”

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